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For this season I have planned to keep things light,airy slowing moving into spring . I always find it fun and interesting when I declutter, and arrange my wardrobe while preparing for the new season,this way I can get rid of items I do not find useful while keeping my Essential wardrobe Pieces Every Girl Should Own.

For so long I have spent my money on accessories and fashion item that are what I would say totally irrelevant to my wardrobe. Many others have problems as such, while some think there is absolutely nothing wrong in splurging , I feel its only good to buy pieces that can be styled in multiple ways and compliment your silhouette.

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I picked this cute mock neck long sleeve with ruffel detail at neck and end of sleeves , all the things I loved to pay attention to when going for an item but what I really love about this is the colour its perfect for spring and also when opting to add a pop of colour to outfit during winter. You need to have a spring capsule must have if you are looking for smooth.sail in style this season.

I also made sure to pick the right lingerie to be used underneath this pieces,even though this pieces is not see through it does have tendency to show underwear lines of you fail to choose the right one . Maybe its just me; whenever I feel really sexy inside it comes naturally to the outside. And to always get it right from the start. Have the perfect ,body shaping sets ! You can look my ideas just for you,Find your best steal.

Leather Skirt.

Owning a leather skirt is luxury, but wearing a leather skirt can totally elevate and take your whole outfit to a whole new level. When choosing a leather skirt I always go for something that flatters my body , I take note of the lenght , cut, texture style excetera.Since leather skirts are essential and relevant I have rounded up a few to help you get started in building your basic wardrobe must haves

Keep in mind when investing that you should buy a leather skirt that fits you right and should be versatile, also think Quality!

Classic black bag :
Stepping out in style cannot be complete without having a classic simple handbag to complete your look, having even just one classic handbag that can be used over and over again is a lifesaver.

Luxury they say comes with a price , but can we atleast get it cheap? Well if given that option I’ll always pick save. There are quality bags that are affordable , this one here for instance gives gives me a luxe appearance and just completes my look and for i mention that it’s a steal . It works for me as a purse without the sling and I cant get over the multiple ways I can put this bag to use. I love to shop a good bag , in various colour if I love it more.

Tell me which one was your favourite and ild like to know what luxury item would you splurge your money on and why?

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