I love being honest with you guys,so ill be honest with you on this one…….

Many people start blogging for different reasons and purpose in the world, but if you are starting yours for all the wrong reasons you will have a very lovely and sweet failure in the end.

In 2014 when i started out with my very first blog which i presume no longer exist,i Made so many mistakes that cost me my time, Efforts and sleepless nights-which of course i do not regret. I only wish that i knew better. 

I blogged seriously for several hours which turned into months and then into years,the hard fact is that i never made anything not even 1 cent, Google adsence never got to accept me,but back then i couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with my blog. But now I know better. I don’t regret any of the time i wasted,because it taught me to be stronger, i don’t regret all of my failures because it made blogging more flexible for me. So i learnt Certain things the hard way. 

So am going to be telling you about the several mistakes that i made and am also going to be telling you about the certain things i did to correct them.

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So The first blogging mistake Number one was;


Well at least back in 2014, it was much easier to start up a blog having little or no Budget. But what people failed to know was that hosting Your websites Is one of the fastest way to get your blog across millions of people using the internet. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t know this, I struggled for years to grow my website but failed miserably. But then again, when i decided to stop blogging and focus more on Learning, that’s when i Got to know about many things. 

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The second huge mistake i made while blogging was to really, Post pictures of my dog on my blogsite. did i just write that….Just joking.  

So the real second mistake i made while blogging back in 2014 was;


My blog back then,talked about virtually everything and anything possible. I blogged about health,lifestyle,fashion,celebrity gossip and even a pets. I didn’t realise how bad doing this would affect my blog, i was only concerned about creating More contents.

In a blog post where i talked about How you can get it right with your blog, I explained about certain things that every blogger should have in mind before starting out his or her own blog. I even went deeper to talk about how specific niche related blog content can help you Build a social media audience and other.

So the thing about niche related blogging is that it helps you to connect with people who are interested in the same niche as you are. Rather than concentrating on building your blog number create specific and unique contents, because they help you to connect with your reader. 

A research that was made recently showed that bloggers who Blog about specific niches are more likely to gain higher engagements and greater connections from their reader. So it is important to blog about specific contents that are directed to solving specific Problems.

so the third Mistake i made While blogging back then was;


well i guess you know now the reason why i said that i never earned from my blog the whole time that i kept blogging with it. i just can’t believe the fact that i actually wasn’t bright enough to know that monetization was an important factor for every blog.

Thank God for civilization, at least now we know that there are several ways that you can monetized your site and earn even without having tons of followers at your beck’nd’call. If you are thinking about starting a blog right away, then i supposed that you will have to find out what monetization plan would be good for your specific niche.

there are several ways that are available for you to choose from, if you are considering to monetize your blog, the three most effective monetization strategies to try out are;

  • Direct sales advertising.
  • Affiliate Marketing. 
  • CPM [ Cost per miles] or PPC [pay per click] Advertising. 

     1>Direct advertising. 

Well i usually recommend this a lot especially for beginners, because i feel that this allows you to make more sales rather than earning little by little from other monetization strategy out there. 

But before you imagine yourself making millions from just creating a product you should first of all have in mind that, it’s not so easy to convince people, especially strangers to patronize your product first of all you need to build a strong audience. it doesn’t matter how much they are in number, all that’s important is that they love what you do and are active users on your site.

     2.>Affiliate Marketing.
well this is also one of the most popular ways that most bloggers use to monetized their site. Affiliate marketing allows you to advertised other people’s product or brand on our website and you get earn commissions for every sale made through your referral. 

You can check out these great websites that offer loads of affiliate options like;
  • ShareASale.
  • CJ affiliates.
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Linkshare
  • Click bank.
    3. Cpm or PPC Advertising. 

Both method of monetization,require a lot of traffic,but it is still a good option to consider when thinking of monetizing your blog. Cost per miles is an advertising strategy that pays per the number of impressions the ads make on your site. 

So for instance if you have up to 200,000 monthly page views you will be making $1 dollar per 1000 thousand people that come across the ad that means you make 200$ per month! 

While pay per click allows you to earn money per any click that is made on an ad placed on your site, there are also ppc advertising programs that also allow you to earn money per impressions as well. Both CPM and PPC pay very well,so you can decide on which amoggnts these two work best for you and your blog. 

The fourth mistake i made when starting my blog was that;


While everyone else was growing their email list i was lost! i did not start my email list i lost potential customers and readers!

Why it is important to grow your email-list is because not every body who drops by to read a blog post they saw online will drop by to read it again! Some people may drop by to read something once in a lifetime you may never see them again! 

The only way to keep them is by starting to build your email list! you can build your email list even from day one! its advisable to start building the day you start your blog!

Many People out there are willing to listen, some of them need answers and you may be having them. If this kind of people eventually come to your site and Dont see a sign up form then you have lost something good!



yeah, i wrote a whole blog post about it. social media cannot be underestimated, it is so important that if you want to start a business or a blog whatever it is you want to do if you are not letting social media to be involved in it, it wont last long trust me you will fail! fail! crash and be dead!
I use a few social media tools to grow my blog, i use social media to build myself an audience and if you also use social media you will become a social media boss in your field! you dont have to use the one you should just find what social media works for you.

Build yourself an audience using social media it takes time to be an authority on social media but it is totally achievable!

Lets start ! say hello to me on any social media you want to!

In 2014, i started for the good reason but then later i got greedy and i was blogging for all the wrong reason, i forgot all about the passion i had when i first started and i just went ahead with what was on trend and that blog died! i meant it went away from existence.
 My first blog ended because of the mistakes that i made and those mistakes gave me out to my audience the wrong way,i am sharing this with you because i need you guys to know about my mistakes ,Learn from it and how you can totally avoid it!


The first mistake was this:


I started with a purpose and i lost it along the line because i was too carried away by the trend in the blogging world. And without realising i no longer had a purpose for the blog,i started blogging about whatever and however.

When you start a blog,start that blog with a purpose,goal and dont lose it aalog the way,stick with it till the end!

Some people start their blog strictly as a beauty blog but later dive into non-related areas like cooking etc. if you want to start a beauty blog,flow with it till the end because your audience will not want to see beauty today and food tomorrow.


it is weird, i know that. But don’t forget am being honest with you guys!

I  was being to stingy to myself. Back then, when i have money i rather use it for something else than to invest it in my blog. it was so hard for me to bring out money to buy a .com or to host my site or to even get a nice template.

As crazy as it seems you have to realize that your blog is your business and your blog as a business is an investment. If you want to grow you will need to spend a few dollar on your blog so that you can get desired result.

You dont expect people to want to read your blog if all you have is a blog filled with shit,and with such an ugly design that the person on your site just feels irritated. you will need to have a blog that will keep your readers and not send them away from you.

Just try! spend a few dollars on your blog,spend a few dollars in making your blog look good and you will be making three times your few dollars spent!

3: Money-minded:

One of my best saying is this “Money must be made” except you like to beg ,you will be loving the poverty status. But if you want to be comfortable in life you need to make money to live a good life. 

But what impression do bloggers who only think about money give to you? To think about money and more ways to make money is not bad. But to always do it is bad. Wen starting a blog you have to be all about what your readers want and when you grow and expand later you can start to sell to your audience.

if you start being all about the money, you will only appear to your audience as a scam and you just doing what you are doing for the money so avoid being money-minded from the start!

4: procrastinating demon:

Procrastination is a demon to me,i feel like procrastinating only kills you and keeps you in one spot for years.

Each time you wake up to do something, that demon will just whisper to you”lets just finish this movie together,we can always do it tomorrow” and it goes on and on and on. it never ends,You never do it.

Dont let that demon in your life. It is what killed me when i started my first blog and if you let it in your life it will kill you too as well so if you want that demo out of your life you need to stay motivated, read and find ideas, write them down set daily goals and work with them.

If you keep procastinating you will never grow,you will ask yourself why there is no growth and you will get no answer because the reason for no growth or progress is you.The only you can can grow and progress is to learn how to make use of your time.


When i started i use to steal other peoples post and put it on my blog,i wasn’t being sincere to them and to myself as well.

I was scared of the negative comment people will give ,i was scared that i wont be good enough ! i forget that everybody has their own fears and most bloggers have that fear but letting it get the better part of you will only kill you.

If you noticed i have a problem with my English writting and punctuation, and because i was scared people wont want to read my post and will critize me for my error i never tried. I went on stealing other peoples ideas and turning it to mine when it is not.

You need to get out of your fear and be you. It doesnt matter if your English or punctuation is good or not. You just have to start,let people know that you are making an effort in getting better and that with time you will be perfect.

Those are my mistakes,I would love to know what your mistakes are or your bad experience with blogging….. Share them with me .

Remember your experience/story may save someone else!   


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