5 ways to earn money from Instagram

     There is huge “money” in Instagram!😲

       Are you shocked? well i was too when heard about it! i was like really! so people have been earning from this app,while all i ever do was to pick up my phone like other peoples picture,comment,join contest and challenges! 

    Well,you may be thinking this is a joke or something,but it isn’t! if you are not aware that people are making a huge amount of money off an app “Instagram” that was just a photo sharing app and has now turned into a multi-million earning social media platform,with over 600 million monthly active user and 400 million daily active users.

 Believe me this ranks higher than most hot-cake social media platform you know of like Twitter,Tumbler,Pintrest ,LinkedIn and even all mighty Snap-chat!

    That is very huge! 

With such an impressive rank,Money can be made from this because this shows how much people respond to visual-driven content.

    Everyone loves what they see! that is good! Don’t you?

And people love Instagram because there is a whole lot to see😊,not just that but also because it helps you to reach out to millions of people,through your pictures and it is a great way to share your photos.

you like this right? exactly !

    Everybody loves to see images of good quality, and if you are searching for a place to choose a great image for your business or blog, Instagram is where to you can find it.
  But be careful,Don’t misuse the right,you could go down with this!😞

    Before letting out this secret on how to strategically earn money from your Instagram account!

Ill’d want you to know that money cannot be made overnight,without hard work.

 I personally dont like to deceive people, if i wanted to, my post title would have been something different like “5 strategic ways to earn 20,000 plus in 3 days using Instagram” or something like “How to make quick money from Instagram in two weeks”

Well, i am not saying that it isn’t possible to earn $200,000 plus,or that you cant make quick money from Instagram in two weeks…….

    Good news is that ,it is possible!

    Bad news is that,it requires a whole lot!

    You can learn How You Can Make Quick Money From Instagram.

Before i go into details ill’d like to state that earning money from Instagram depends on certain things,ill’d like to point out a few things you must have that right,before being able to earn money.


               You have been on Instagram for sometime or even for so long and you still have a thousand followers or even a hundred followers ,and you have been wondering why you cant get past that number or make progress.

         well there isn’t anything wrong with you,what is wrong is the fact that you are not doing certain things right.

   Learn on my Training Course [How To Achieve A Huge Following On Instagram].

               If you thinking of turning your Instagram into a business or to drive traffic to your site,then your site or page should be specific,if you in a niche,like fashion,clothing,beauty or social media marketing.

         whatever niche you are in,you have to stick with with it,you obviously cant do everything and perfect it at same time.

In other to achieve perfection,you need to follow the rule of perfection, so take things one step at a time,be specific with one,achieve success at that then move to the next.


               Consistency is key,if you want to earn money from your followers,if you want to turn followers into potential customers,then being consistent is the way to achieve that,on every social media.

   There are followers who can only “ADMIRE” but never “ACQUIRE”, So stay consistent is the way to make followers,who only admire,to start to acquire and purchase your product.

    This things are very important for you to know if you want to start earning from Instagram.

Now we are about to let you know on how :


    Well, yeah! Its as easy as just signing up as an affiliate and start making sales for your partner brand. 
   Yes! You can make money off doing that, just generating awareness for a product and earning from from them as well this comes in as commission.

        You also don’t have to worry about losing customers because you have trackable link or unique promo code to ensure clicks actually translate into sales.

        All you have to do is promote a product,using your affiliate link  and get paid per sale 
         There are some companies,that you would be excited to work with,there are so many out there but this are the few of them that I truly trust and recommend you to join:
1: Reward style:
            This is for fashion,and lifestyle influencers.it is a network that offers 20% commission. 
    Hell ya! You heard correctly,they offer a 20% commission .But this is for fashion and life style influencers.
2: Shareasale:
             Sign up for their affiliate program,then the big part is waiting to get approved ,find the companies you want to work with.Once approved then start promoting.

    TIPS: It is a whole lot easier to get approved if you have a blog or website.
3: Clickbank:
              Well, it has a tier-based commission that’s open to everyone,it doesn’t really limit people like the rest do .
4:  Stylinity:
                  This is great for fashion blogger.This is good for fashion blogger,who are just starting out and dont have capital to start a store of their own, this is a good place to start .

     You would need to sign up with Go2Buy as an advertiser and you would be able to access this site when people shop using your link,you’ll get a commission. 

5: Ebate:
               Here,you can refer people,who loves deals and discount, Everybody loves to get  discounts on stuffs…..or don’t you? so its simple ! just refer them and get your own commission😆…
6:  Peerfly:
                peerfly is a popular affiliate network that allows you to sign up and get started for free.Then  you can start selling other companies product and services or capturing leads for them and earning from that.

    All you need to do is put this link in your bio description and when people click to it and register ,you would earn a commission.


7: Offervault:
8: Amazon affiliate program:
10: ASOS:


                  Here,in other to take part you would need to have quite a number of engaging followers,If you have 500 or 1k then this wouldn’t work much for you! 

    if you have 500 followers above but not less than, i have got good news for you! you can still be part of this 

    Sign up for [Popular Pays]

    It allows you to take part with over 500 followers 

    Here is what you can do to grow your followers fast: 

    Here’s how it works.

    1. You create a sponsored Instagram post (it could be a photo or video)
    2. You include a branded hashtag, mention, or link to promote a brand
    3. You share it with your audience
    4. You get paid


            i wasn’t going to just stop there and leave you all by yourself… there are lots of sites that allows you to get in touch with brands that you can promote on instagram but just like in the market,there are quality things as well as things of no quality at all.its the same with most sites out there!
         ill tell you a few of the sites that i trust :
    • IFLUENZ:    

          All you need to do is click “I am an influencer” but you need over 5,000 followers to join!



                you just need to create a good and attractive profile that describes you and your content, and brands who are interested in you will invite you to programs! 
    • Others you should try include:

    • Hypetap
    • lingia
    • cooperatize.com
    • Grapevine
    • crowdtap- for U.S only
    • indahash
    • fohrcard


           Someone might get famous on Twitter by telling 140-character jokes, but Instagram is a photo-sharing app at its core. And photos are assets that can be licensed, printed, and sold in a variety of ways.

       If photography is what got you into the Instagram game in the first place, you can list your photos in marketplaces where brands and publishers might license them or you can print your logo or favourite saying on things. Services like;
    1. 500px
    2. Twenty20
    3. Mobileprints

         However, you can also sell your photos as prints and on other physical products using a similar methods described in the last section.
        There are services that can let you put your photos on posters, phone cases, pillows, and more, taking care of fulfilling orders and customer service so all you really need to worry about is making sales.Services like:
    1. Printful
    2. Teelaunch

       Take the story of Daniel Arnold who went from “eating toast 3 meals a day”, according to an interview on Forbes, to making $15K in a single day by offering to sell prints of his popular-but-controversial photos. 
       If you’ve already got the demand, all you need to do is take the initiative and offer your audience the opportunity to buy your photography from you.
    you can also sell the photos that you take, or sell your brand or photos on things.

        One of the most profitable methods of making money on Instagram is to become a brand ambassador – or as the industry calls them Instagram “influencers”.
         As a brand ambassador, you simply team up with companies to promote brands and products through your Instagram posts, hashtags, and captions. You can reach out to brands you like and want to work with directly.
        But an easier option is to apply to some networks that bring influencers and brands together.
    Fortunately, there are plenty of them, including:
       In order to become a brand ambassador, you need to have a big following, which companies want to leverage.
        For example, if you want to join SocialGlory, you must have at least 5,000 followers.
        And, to join InstaBrand, you must have at least 10,000 followers and over 1,000 likes per post.
          The amount brands are willing to pay varies. Some will pay you a flat fee per post, some will pay you for likes, and others will just send you free stuff to promote. It’s estimated that brands spend more than $1 billion dollars on sponsoring content on Instagram.
       Becoming a brand influencer is pretty tough – you must have at least 5,000 to 10,000 followers. And, your posts must get around, on average 1,000 likes.

       In terms of time investment, this tactic requires the most by far.
    However, this can also net you the biggest returns.
    Here’s the basic process that you’ll follow for this tactic.
    1. Open an online store  
    2. Create an Instagram account that’s built around your niche
    3. Feature your products on your Instagram account
    4. Earn money.

       you can create your store using this site:

    Here’s what I love about the Internet.
      It’s created an immense amount of opportunities for those who are clever enough to use the right resources to their advantage.
      For instance, there are on-demand printing companies like Zazzle that allow you to design and sell your own clothing, hats, bags, stickers, etc. with absolutely no investment and zero overhead costs.
    Now that’s a wrap!
    I have been able to successfully cover the 5 big ways to earn from Instagram. If you have any idea or if you know of more sites that you think is relevant to this post comment down below! i want to also know and learn something from you!
    Tell me what you think about this post ,down the comment box!


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