Have we made apologies to you like this before? well i dont know ! but we are sorry for being so far away from you guys. The world outside of all things is quite distracting but our goal every time is to be able to stay strong and fight hard. And give you guys an unforgettable experience.

so while we’ve been away we had a few exciting things that did happen in our life. It was all fun and we cant wait to share most of this experience with you guys!

We are so late at this but just because we did get the chance to do this at the beginning we still going to do it anyway !❤️️ we hope this year started well for all you, we dont care if it didn’t start off great because we do know it will turn out beautifully for you all 🙂


Well of course you all know nothing last forever. We all have to get rid of old shit someday! make adjustments where necessary,take drastic decisions and stuff like that.which is exactly what we have done ! we made certain decisions which we are happy and hope not to give up at it .

what do we start with? do we start with the blog changes and progress to the others? yeah lets start with the blog change !

Template Change 

We made changes to our template, My God! the old one was just a pain, it wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t the best , this isn’t the greatest but its beautiful ,easy and allows customization but the best part is that the service they give to you is just more than what you going to be paying for the template. “wonderfully helpful” is the way to simply put it.

Wondering where we got our lovely template from?

PIGDIG .They have beautiful template and very lovely customer service support. so if you are just starting out your blog and searching for cheap and inexpensive blog template to go with, pigdig is your best shot! If you maybe dont have a blog and you are thinking of starting your own blog then we’ve made it easier for you, Here is a blog post , we have written t is detailed and its what you need to do to get started with your own blog which you can turn into a full time thing and earn a decent amount from it.


yes! we started a youtube channel its the first step to getting somewhere, so im sure you heading over to go check it out and of course stay subscribed so we can all slowly take that baby step together holding hands and get there!

It was hard because we were worried about alot but we chose to put that behind us and just get started! and that is whats new for us, we will let you all know what other new things have happened !


Since we out here making apologies to you a for being so inconsiderate and not being able to give our best to you guys and to this blog , we did set new goals and have decided on achieving it this time and staying consistent at it, we are going to be sharing them with you all!


Not again right? Right. but this time we are hoping to really stick to this time and stay consistent with you guys, which means dropping good content for you guys we will be posting at least 4 times in week. Consistency not only on our blog but also on our youtube channel and page as well! that s the main focus guys and we would love to see you all engage with what we do, it would not only help us stay motivated but also give us a sense of purpose.


Trust me, we dont know why but this was one of the things we’ve both struggled with, we are not the most creative people , but we’ve set it as a goal for this year to give in our best with what we have regardless of how its going to turn out.

Creating bond with you all!

We honestly want to stay connected with all our readers because we love you all and we want to keep staying connected with you all ,lets start by you dropping us a comment down below, tell us about what your looking forward to achieving in your life, business etc this year anything you would love us to know about you. lets get to it loves!

So fam, thats gonna be all for now but not the end of course! we will be dropping some more content for you guys this week ! Stay subscribed so you dont miss out.

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