It’s almost winter! My body has been undergoing few transitions therefore to match these changes I made a few additions to my former body care routine. There’s a few products I stopped using and I also made a few additions to my current body routine.

Nivea Body Soap this has been one of my favorite body soap to use. I have a very sensitive skin and over the years I have tried using several other products but my skin has always chosen this soap. I have also been good at paying close attention to what my skin prefers and doesn’t .
Another repurchase I made from the Nivea collection was the not-so-new oil free face moisturizer and cocoa nourish lotion I always reach out to this on days that I want to further moisturize my skin.
Palmer’s Body Scrub. It’s almost winter season in India. It doesn’t get as cold, but it’s always twice as dry. So I always try to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week. This body scrub has been the most suitable for my skin.
Smell; I absolutely love the smell. The mix of Cocoa butter and vanilla won me over.
For shaving I have always stuck to my handy-dandy Veet Hair Removal Cream. I use the one for sensitive skin. I find that it doesn’t cause me to have after shave bumps and it doesn’t feel to dry. Which is perfect if you are trying to keep your skin smooth.
I use this twice a month and it has helped me a lot.

Shea moisture virgin Coconut oil is one of the best buys for me since this year. Ever since I discovered this gem right here I promised I would not let go of it until the ends of time.

I use this every day and it helps to give my skin that natural glow and shine plus my skin feels moisturized. Isn’t that amazing?
Smell; And by the way I forgot to mention that it is 100% natural and pareben-free. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have that heavy coconut smell which I personally don’t like. It’s also edible, don’t you guys not already know by now how much I love to use this?..
The last on the list is the Himalaya Fresh Start Lemon face wash. It has been very helpful in getting rid of my excess facial sebum and it does this without leaving my skin dried out and dull. It leaves my skin soft and slightly matte. I use it twice daily in the morning and evenings.smell; It has a lemon and citrus smells, I love the fact that this face wash has very tiny micro-beads in them they help to exfoliate the skin while washing your face which I think is a bonus!!
This is an additional genius tip that works that I found about earlier this year. It’s that the Damatol Hair Cream when applied after shave can help reduce your chances of having less bumps and ingrown hairs. So yeah check it out try it out for a month and I swear you won’t regret it 👍.
Also let me know in the comments section what you think about having a body care routine has it been helpful to you or not?

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