How to use social media to build an audience.

Having an audience is like having a community of people and you need an audience so that through your audience you can have /create a community of people . you will want to start to grow your audience because the more people you can reach organically or through your advertising, the better your sales or engagement will be.

What is the difference between an audience and a community? 

In a blog post davidspinks tell clearly the difference between : 

An audience : They’re all *listening* to you, but they don’t necessarily feel a common sense of belonging and shared identity with others who are also listening to you.

A community : people are contributing, not just listening. And therein lies the biggest value of community — you can empower people to contribute their ideas, support, promotion and content. 

Why do you need to build an audience?

  • You need to find your target audience
  • you need to have a community of people that are with you ride or die.
  • you need to reach out to more people
  • you need to establish an online authority
  • You need make money 

Every one looking out to make money which we know you do, needs an online presence to start and before you become an authority you need to have an audience. you need to have people listening to you, people reading etc  

The only way around building an audience is to use social media! 


If you are on instagram,twitter, facebook, pinterest, snapchat, etc and you have at least 100-300 people following you on each social media, that is an audience! sadly, it is a small audience.

To grow and to become and online authority you need to have thousands and millions of people listening to you from there you build a community of people.

let me give you an example,

Neil patel is known by thousands of people, that is an audience, but he has thousands of bloggers who are looking up to him, they are always eager to hear from him, what has he got for us this week? when will he be posting? etc He has a community of trusted readers and followers. He turned his audience into dedicated, trusted reader and followers.


Even if you don’t have much audience work with the little you have they can help you grow larger and bigger. Nobody started big, everyone who is big started from one tiny little step!

Don’t just read this post and do nothing, there is a blessing that comes with you listening to us and not just listening but doing what we say.

There are somethings that you need to know about building an audience with social media ,those are:

  • Choosing the right social media platform
  • Creating a Strong profile and page
  • Creating time for each social media platform 
  • Creating powerful and resourceful content
  • Sharing

Before starting out, there is something that we need to teach you to help you grow. 

STEP 1: 

Find a book or open your Microsoft word sheet |PS: you need to have a separate book where you plan out different things. If you want to have plans for social media you need to have a book or sheet for it and if it is blogging you need a separate book or sheet for it as well.
we just made it easier for you, we created a planner for you.

Download the planner(printable) to use to grow your social media audience

STEP 2: 
You can give it whatever title you want am giving mine “social media”. Then,write down the  name of the social media, you can choose to do it separately in the vertical manner or all together horizontally like so 

STEP 3: 
create different groups to include :

  • Content
  • Time 
  • Share: Target community member & others includes pages

Don’t forget to save your work!

Now if you have done that we will tell you how you can use that to plan your social media and grow your audience. Keep reading!

But before that, there are some important things we left out. You need to complete the basic steps first ……..


There are tons of social media out there and since you are not God, you can’t do all of them at the same time. And if you choose to you well good luck with that!

There are different social media that works best for different people, you just have to find out what works best for you, if you are a business man or woman hoping to have a huge audience for your business then you may want to consider starting with Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are a blogger you will need to start using Pinterest, twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook etc. 

Just find your 5 basic social media platform that works for you and work with them!

Narrow your social media number to maximum five (5) See the ones i use


When creating your profile or page there are some things you need to be mindful about, if you have these things right you will be able to to pull people towards you,people and brands will be attracted to you.

1:    Name:

The name that you use is very important, you don’t want to confuse people with the        kind of name that you have . For example a name like “Health care enterprise”(huh) it is confusing how can there be “health care”-and then “enterprise” such names will confuse people and give out an unprofessional impression to your readers.

But look at this profile(favour_inspires) the name already gives you an idea on what her profile or page is about. It immediately tells you two things about the page

1:  That this page is about inspiration or motivation.
2: The person/owner behind it goes by the name Favour.

You don’t have to pick a name having your name in it, it just have to tell your audience what you are going to be all about.

2:     Picture:

Everybody loves to look at a lovely picture and our profile pictures/cover photos is not exempted. 

The pictures you put up on your social media should represent you or in a way connect to what you are doing. you don’t want to have the photo of a giraffe when your profile name says “James oil company” people will wonder what kind of business it is,or if you are starting a zoo.

If your name says “James oil company” your profile picture should be showing image of a refinery or a company building or something related.

3:     Profile:

This part cannot be left out, even if you have the right name, picture and you have it all wrong with your profile you have still failed.You need the three of them right before you can have a strong profile/page on your social media account.

You will need to edit your profile and Tell your audience about what you are about,your services and even a little story about how and why you started. 

You can make your profile fun,make it short and fun.So that they will have a reason to follow you.

If you have done this correctly then we can say that you have completed the first and basic step to your thousands of audience.


We will be making use of that table which i showed you to create in the beginning of this post.

The reason why i told you to create that was because if you do things randomly you may not see the result that you are expecting but if you strategically do it and keep up with it you will surely see the results that you want to see.

U.S.A,India,Nigeria all have different time so you have to find out what time works best in your country,you have to first try by posting at different times know when people engage more and when they dont. Do this constantly for 3-4 days you will find out what time works best.

Don’t use the time for one social media for the rest of the social media. Twitter has a different time,facebook has its own, so you have to test it out on all different account that you have! Also have in mind that it changes so when the time you are working with stops producing result switch it up after testing out for few days.

Write it down l


Content is key! content is king!

 As a blogger or a business person your audience are after you and what you can offer ,your content must be able to provide solutions or solve problems. There is no audience without a content and every content has its unique audience.

Your followers are not after how your blog/site looks or how well designed it is,they are after you because of how good your content is and how it is directed at solving their problems and giving solutions as well.

If you are a blogger or just someone searching to grow your audience using social media these 3 tips will help you in creating powerful content and driving people to you!

il show you what your post on twitter,facebook ,blog etc need to look like when creating content but first read the important tips i have written below:

  1:    HEAD/TITLE:

When creating content you need to make your heading very catching,it should pull people towards you it should make them eager to read or want to know what it is about.

To use titles like “How to”, “Learn how to”, “10 ways,7way,my top 5 ways” All these titles draws people closer to you.

People will want to know what they need to do before 2018 runs out!


This is what carries the message,if your head/title is perfect it is enough to do the job of making people want to know more but if the body/content is rubbish it will drive people away from you,that when next you post they wont be interested in reading because they already know that your content is wack!(rubbish).

Don’t make your content too short it should be at least 1000 words that is for times when you are lazy to write but when you are not try to write 2000-3000 word. Don’t write 2000-3000 words full of nothing but talks let it meaning to whoever is reading it.

Be sure to write your heart out,give out useful information,communicate with them and connect with them.Be fun!

3: Conclusion/ending:

Whenever you are ending a post always leave out something that will make them hope to see you and read one of your post again. Don’t just end it with bye,end it in a way that dont actually show the end.

EXAMPLE: ” This is all i have for now,ild love you to tell me what you think about it,you can also tell me down the comment section what you have to add to it.”

This way your readers know that it is ending,but will also comment because they know that you will reply (try your best to reply).


On instagram 


Once you have created it you will write that down the title of each post close to the social network .

In the table that we made in the very beginning we divide this part into two:

1:    Target audience member:
This includes people who are :

  • Active 
  • supportive by liking,commenting, etc
  • Re-post or retweet/share your post
  • who are likely to show support and love
  • Who are having same interest and huge followers

Once you have their names written down,you can share it to them,tagged them in it or send them a private message. You need to get them to notice you,if they do and they like what you do they will either mention you in a post,or re-post it!

2:    OTHERS:
This may includes anything else aside the target member like:

  • Groups
  • pages
  • Communities
  • forums etc

For each social media you will write down groups,pages etc that are related to what you are doing if you are not in any group or page etc Join them now! search for them and join

Example: if you are a fashion blogger search on facebook for groups ike bloggers connect,bloggers etc search for pages as well like and follow. if you are into buisness search for groups like business mind,etc 

If you have been following me this is how yours should look like so.

If your image looks right just like mine then you need to read on


  • Post content
  • post content on time and at the perfect time to drive engagement.
  • share it to your target audience and to others


Those three things should help you build an audience but this bonus tip will take you far and do a quicker job 

  • Post at least 3 times a day 
  • Use hashtag
  • Engage with other people eg like,comment,share
  • Promote your page,profile using ads e.g instagram ads ,twitter ads ,facebook ads etc 

That will be all for now guys! if you love this post please share it so your friends can see it and learn something from it! dont forget to comment down below what you think of this post,you can also share your  ideas and thoughts  with us!

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