you may be thinking about starting a new blog or maybe you already have one and you need some extra tip on how you can get things right with your blog then you have just landed in the right place. 

If you dont have a blog but happen to see this post its totally fine because i put together a very detailed post on HOW TO START A BLOG WITH NO OR LITTLE BUDGET

Blogging is not easy and if you want to be a good blogger then you will need to put one or two things together ,get it right with yourself and your blog. 

In this post here and here (meet me and about here) i talked a little about my struggle in Nigeria before moving to India and how it was hard for me to be a blogger and how my first blog got completely ruined and ended in total disaster! i wrote a blog post about the mistakes i made starting out.

Learn from my mistakes,and how to avoid mistakes that i made while starting out my first blog post in 2014!

So, when i started blogging again i realised a few things that i didnt know when i was starting the first one. I realised that so many things were wrong with the first blog because of how i started it.

Now, i want you guys to know something, what i want you all to know is this : “How you start something determines how it is gonna end” OK … Don’t get me wrong here, it is true that how you start something determines how you end but if you make some little positive changes along the way,you may not have such a bad ending.

ill break it down using an example of life,if you started off as a bad child stealing,fighting doing all of those stupid things the possibility that your end will be great is no or very little except while growing you changed. 

But lets assume that there is this one child who kept fighting and stealing till he is 14,18,22,31 etc There is a 99% to 100% chance that he gets caught,prisoned or even worse die!

So am sure you get it now, in the blogging world where there are lots of people finding space to breathe you also need to struggle for air as well and if your blog doesnt have it right the you have failed!


There are only three (3) ways you can get it right with your blog and those are 

1: Be defined
2: Start 
3: Continue.

sounds crazy right? but hold on! am still getting to the sweeter part of it all.

1: Be defined: 

Some of you be thing thinking be defined about what? 

In life and in the blogging world you need to be defined about everything you want.

Now if you already have a blog may may want to sit yourself down and think about everything again. you may need to make your blog defined if it is not. find out what it is you really want to do,Do your readers connect with you? Are they always supportive of what you do? if they are then you are getting it right with your blog.

But what if your readers are not doing any of those? Then you will need to fix this ………….(continue reading)

If you dont have a blog you need to know a few things…….

If you want to blog about pet,stick to it. if you wanna blog about fashion or beauty you need to make everything defined. ask your self a few questions, What is my blog going to be about? do i have passion about it? what is the goal? how am i going to achieve them? who am i going to be reaching out to with the messages i put out there?

If you cant seem to find yourself or you are still not sure what you want to do with your life i suggest you read this(favours inspiration talk) to get inspired!

Now when you have the answer to all those questions, then you are now definite about what you want! you can now move over to the next point…..

That is……..

2: Start……

Now like i said how you start matters, and it is very important as well so you need to pay attention ….(i know that you are).

I know what you thinking, How do you know what am thinking? (that is what you are thinking about lol) ok that was uhmm…… supposed to be funny. Am serious i know what you thinking, you probably thinking that now i have now made my purpose and blog defined, how do i start?

you will need to start 

1: Your blog.
2: Building an audience.
3: Getting engagement
4: Selling your ideas
5: Start making money.

So you see, i did not leave out number 1,2,3,4 to get to number 5! i started from number 1,2,3,4 to get to 5!

you cant make money from your blog without taking those four steps! it is impossible and never possible to make money from your blog without those 4 important step.

Now lets start with…….

  •  Starting your blog:

I am not going to tell you to choose WordPress over Blogger or vice versa because i honestly dont get what the whole WordPress is better than Blogger is all about. 


If you are starting out,and you are not so rich like me well then blogger is right for you to start with for now. if you have loads of money to spend in hosting and getting a plan on wordpress then goodluck to you as well!

But for me it doesn’t matter where you are,or what platform you are using to start your blog all that matters is your Hardwork.

There are only 3 things you need to do>>>>>>>>

Get yourself a custom domain,A lovely attractive theme or template, and your Hardwork.
Hardwork pays…….. blogger or wordpress ,with this 3 things and your hardwork you will get good result.

you can get yourself a custom domain here or here it is cheap and affordable .. i dont lie trust me you can afford it! 

if you want to get a self-hosted blog i recommend that you use Bluehost its good for all the right reasons.

  •  Building an audience:

Its not easy getting audience it is one of the toughest things about blogging. you can blog for all you want and nobody reads what you blog about or even knows about you or your passion.

So to avoid all of that you need to build an online presense, you need to use social media! “DO NOT” underestimate the power of social media. 


Some people think that when you write a post you just hit the publish button and the audiece will rush straight in to read your post.If you used to think like that just stop it. Because magic doesnt happen that way. 

you will need to build your audience and one of the greatest ways to build your audience is to use the social media.

social media is powerful and it is the way most bloggers and buisness people use out there to get their customers,because your audience are potential customer/clients.


  • Getting engagement: 

Once you getting an A+ in building an audience you will start to see engagement,but if this engagement is not coming, you will need to put in extra work! start by your readers to comment what they think about something in the comment section on your blog….or you ask your social media followers to check out a blog post you wrote and drop a comment etc

just think of various ways to get your followers to engage with your blog post .


There are many ays to get your audience and followers to engage with you,you need to think of a way to get them,read and get ideas ,Be creative.

Come up with something that will draw the attention of your reader to get them to engage with your post. Eample: You can do giveaway,create a poll ask questions etc

You need to start small if you are a blogger who is just starting out,you can start by asking your friends to join in or tell you what they think about a post that you wrote ,get their honest opinion that way you will be able to improve and work o yourself.

  • Selling your ideas:

Everybody has something inside of them! 

something that they want the world to know about,something that can change a persons life. But is it okay to give away all that good stuff for free? if everything is free then everything in this world will be free. even the facebook you use isnt free if it was you would be using facebook without having to buy data .

if you have ideas that are wonderful you can gift some free to people who are loyal reader they will spread some good words about your work/blog to people(dont be stingy)
if you are creative and like to make and produce your stuff and get people to buy what you make. you can create you online store here and start selling. 

Click here to Start your free e-course on where to make money from selling your ideas sent straight to your mail! it is a 5 days course so dont miss out on it!.

  •  Start making money from your blog:

OK! Here comes the most intresting part of it all.

When people say bloggers are only after the money, i just laugh because somehow they are right.

you dont expect to walk into a very good coffee shop,that is just so beautiful and the interior blows your mind and you get a cup of coffee and dont pay for it ……even if the coffee is free you will still need to pay indirectly for something else to cover the cost……..may not make sense to be but just try to get the point!


I dont blame people when they say it is for the money,i feel it is because they dont understand what it really means to be a blogger and to earn from being a blogger just to survive.

you can make money from your blog but please just dont be all about the money! you will only end up fraustrated and your readers will see you as fraud! trying to make money off them.

You can ask them to help you by putting a “donate to me or buy me a coffee” etc. or you can write a book,etc ……..just dont see everything to be about money!

I want you all to know that it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing the same thing all over and over again and you dont see result,what matters is that you should not ever quit. 

And  if you have been blogging and seeing results dont be happy with your present situation,you need to keep pushing till you get to a place where you can be doing nothing but having millions rolling in your account!


I know of many people who started their blog,but never saw it to the end. they gave up along the way maybe because it wasn’t going well as the expected.

And if you check this people,you will realize that this people probably only blogged for few months before giving up!

If you start a business or something you need to keep up with it,if you tried and its not working then you need to go over again and check from the roots,there maybe a reason why or there must be something you should be doing but you are not. 

Once you check starting from the root, and you start to do things the right way you will start seeing unbelievable result

its the same thing i did for this blog you are seeing right here! If it worked for me it will work for you too!

Just when you are about to quit,that is when something good is about to happen

well, i had fun writting this blog post, i hope you had fun reading it as well!
Tell me what you think about this post in the comment section! i want to connect with you .

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