It’s the time of the year again where we get to hang out with friends and celebrate with family. So I figured that this would be the perfect time to share with y’all my current favorite lipstick suitable for this festive season and winter. 
I have been loving these lately because they are perfect for medium to dark skin tones and Even if you are lighter, you can still rock these. Some of my faves gives a very beautiful finish, they don’t dry out my lips, but instead keeps my lips feeling fresh wheeew!!!
These honorable mentions I must say has been my recent and tried out loves. I would personally like to state that the lipstick about to be mentioned are highly budget friendly and if you are college student like my me, I believe you will find these very helpful since they are affordable and the quality is amazing. 
Maybelline Firecracker Red. Did I also say that am currently on mission to find all the best red lipstick there is that is perfect for all skin type. This is a must have. I absolutely love this guys. You can definitely grab these at a beauty supply store or the closest Sephora store nearby. 
This firecracker red is in the shade 633 and trust me when I say this lipstick is perfect for the season. It can best be worn with a neutral eye makeup look and for more vibrance I suggest you use a thin layer of concealer before applying it and you’ll be amazed. 
Another bomb lipstick that I have been using is the Nykaa So Matte Mini Lipstick in the shade ‘Totes 48M’. I can’t even stress on how awesome this nude lipstick is. It’s the best affordably priced nude lipstick I found that’s suitable for all skin type. I use this with my Miss Claire brown lipliner and I just love it!
During the winter a nude lip combo can come in very handy, I always carry these around with me because it’s my holy Grail combo at the moment and I can say that it’s life saving as well. Hahaha 
These lipstick come in Mini and Maxi size and I particularly love the idea because no one likes to carry such big lipstick around I find the mini lipsticks really cute and the packaging is very sturdy. It’s has a soft matte finish and this is perfect for these winter season. 
Next is the Kiko Milano Smart Fusion lipstick in shade ‘423 Magenta’. This lipstick in particular when I first purchased it I thought was a matte lipstick turns out it has a creamy and velvety finish to it. And ughhh!!!! Guys it smells so great! 
For maximum coverage I go over this twice during application. And for am ombre look I use any lip liner of my choice you can too. It keeps my lips soft and never dried out for at least 3hrs after application and on days I want extra shine and moisture I use a lip gloss and I instantly have my lips looking full and juicy. 🙂
For my casual evening outing or hangouts with college friends I reach for Focallure Matte Lips in shade ’05-persian Plum’ this lipstick is very affordable although it claims to be water proof I must say that it really isn’t but I love the shade of this. It’s a matte lipstick. 
I love the pinkish plum shade and this is perfect for the winter because it’s subtle and is more of an everyday lip shade that will suit any skin type. 
And finally Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick in shade 425- Deep violet. This is Definitely a must have if you are looking for something a lil bit different and extra. This winter season isn’t going to be a bad time to rock a deep purple lip shade. 
Again this lip stick can be used in many different ways. Can be used solely or in combination with any lipstick choice to create an ombre effect. 
So yeah! These are just a few of the lipstick shades I have been rocking and loving. I w

ould love to know your current winter favorite and your favorite red lipstick you’ve been loving recently in the comment section. 

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