What is going on guys?!! Its judgement day, we are bringing the “NYX” ultimate shadow palette to the court to face judgement! 
SO its everything from looks ,packaging, prints,shine ,texture we are going to be filling you all on this and again, this is only going to be our opinions! whether we like it or not is only up to you to decide whether or not to get it ,thats if your are .
Are you Wondering who or what is “NYX” about? : dont be so surprised some people haven’t ever heard of this brand before. Cant blame them, we didn’t hear of the brand  ‘NYX’ ourselves until 3 year back.  NYX is a cosmetic company that is a subsidiary of LOreal. And they produce quality products from lipstick,eyeliner,highlighter etc 
But today we will only be reviewing one of their products which is the’ NYX ULTIMATE SHADOW PALETTE’ 
A professional bright ultimate shadows perfectly coordinated and housed in one portable palette, infused with bright and beautiful colours that pop and gives you a beautiful eye look.
Tightly held together in place in a squared-shaped compact with clear lid in top and black at the sides. flip out, and in is so easy, slightly tough to open but its good right? at least we dont have to worry about it opening so easily which could probably mess things up for you.
Its sold at $24.46  mrp 1725 (inr) I honestly find this disturbing because it is too pricey and with that amount you can get some other eyeshadow palette that is at their A+ game. This does not in anyway mean that this palette isn’t great!
Nyx shadow palette formular runs powdery which isnt something we all like, although its application is nothing we have to worry about because it applies smoothly although you would need to pack on a substantial amount on your eyes to see the colours.
They say we are all going to be judged someday, this is where we judge the NYX shadow palette and of course judge them based on their claims on this product performance.
Lets have a look at what they promised to give us and do, we are also going to compare it with what we got and give off our ratings on it.
So the first claim was :
1: They promised us a beautiful matte and shimmer finish to the shadows on the palette.
2:  They promised us a beautiful yet flawless eyeshadow application.
3:They promised us bright and beautiful colours for summer and any other look.
4: They said colours will be pigmented and long lasting

5: They said its suitable for all.

well, are all the claims here there are true? well we think Nyx has definitely pulled it off except that the shadows in the palette are powdery and not so pigmented especially for women of colour so for us both we would need to pack on alot to get what we desire , if you are one that do need something super pigmented you could definitely go for it !

Would we buy it again ? Absoluetly! we will and again. We love nyx and this is not in collaboration with Nyx we picked this up from Sephora in India and we have been in love with it ever since. So why not share this with you!

You must also own an Nyx product, why not tell us about it in the comment section. If you have never, you could as well try, we all try something new and different at some point in our lives. 

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