We are currently wrapped up in each other arm , listening to “falling all in – Shawn Mendes) and If you’ve heard that song or a lover of Shawn ,then you will know 😉 But then its a much better time for us to talk about what we have been totally loving in this month.
What better time to tell you guys about our obsession this month! And trust us when we tell you its been such an amazing month for us and a lot of our recent findings has made it so much easier to stay alive and positive this days-ha ha. We are positive that most of you have got down-times and there is also the part where you all admit to having some sort of aid or just anything that gets you out of it,right? Well recently for us both its been music and small talks, we knew we have it wrong until finding this Jbl music speaker.
Its funny how music could almost get you through the most difficult times at some point in everyone life. We don’t particularly listen to a specific genre of music but we do love what makes music sound better and this right here has been a bomb!
We got ours from amazon and you can get it too you don’t need to get the same exact but whatever you getting just make sure its all worth the coin. Ours isn’t expensive and you can definitely check out for other options that is as awesome as ours- just believe us when we tell you having something as this it will be a game changer.
Whats truly beautiful about it is that it’s perfect for all moods of the day ,This is particularly useful to both of us ,in the morning when we both plan for our shoot, we keep it at a  minimal volume that it doesnt bother anyone the next room, it an absolute buy especially if you one to love music and you dont want to listen to your music no other way but right.
Its the every woman’s essentials ,we enjoy the feeling of being told by another that you smell so good, especially if you in a spice-filled relationship but the reality of the best perfumes being outrageously pricey is real and not the safest option for us both ,Its always safe to start of with something great but affordable.
We went out last week and picked up a couple of not so expensive but amazing girl perfume from Miniso, Miniso is Chinese low cost retailer and variety store chain , and you will find the cutest household, daily life product,beauty and so many more .

We are likely to be putting up a Miniso haul blog post, would be awesome to show you some amazing daily life products and digital products that you will be rushing over to buy the very next day! There is a much better way of staying updated,And its staying subscribed !
The best part of this owning such a perfume that is packaged so nicely is that you can own more than one because its affordable we picked up four of those different fragrance and each smells great but only for a couple of hours ,maybe 6 -7 hours which we think is great! Because its small and a travel essential. We also picked a couple of other cute items can get the same or similar stuff from our options .
Nothing is as frustrating as searching for a makeup item just right when the cabbie is out waiting for you and you ready to get out that door to get about your own life, but you cant find it ! Aaaah
What better way of keeping everything in place other than having a makeup storage box and since laying eyes on one that i got off Nykaa at a discounted rate,we have not had the need to search for our items. Its even so cute that it makes you want to have your stuff no other place but in the box.
Its big enough to fit most of your makeup like lipsticks ,brushes , blender but since it isn’t big enough makeup items like eyeshadow palette would only limit you and take up space.

We don’t even know how we or where we picked up this red nail color but whatever it is we are glad that we did because its such an amazing ,eye catching red perfect for your dates , summers and a great pick just when you want to be safe with colors . Red may not be your color but just have it ! 
Find yourself a great buy and just let it be there ,you may have a change of mine .

If you are confused and don’t know which red shades would suit you , maybe you should start by knowing what your skin undertone is and ethnicity too , you could also try checking out celebrities you have similar skin complexion too and see what shades of red looks great on them. Let us know if it works 🙂
So that is it loves! 🙂 All that we have been loving this month of august, And we would want you to spill the tea on what you have also been loving this month and how its been helpful to you! Leave us a comment 🙂

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