secret of successful people
       Successful people have strong relationship with consistency. consistency is powered by inward desires,drive and goals.

   So today before we talk about consistency,it is important that you have a goal,passion or desire to pursue or have something important to achieve.

       Also note that as much as you have a desire or goal to pursue and acquire,consistency is important and necessary for your greater heights in pursuit.

   Which is why today we have decided to tell you the secret you need to know of,to stay consistent or find your way to becoming a success with consistency. 

   So here are the secret of consistency that successful people know of but yo dont!!!

1.) They stay updated.

     As far as achieving success is concerned,you need to stay updated. This means that you regularly have to update your self with information,news and inventions that will contribute  to your usefulness to others.

    You have to be familiar with the newest,latest and exciting things happening around you. 

    Successful people know this,that is why 99% of most successful and valuable people are the most resourceful and informative people.

   you might be wondering how you can stay updated.

     It’s simple.!!! you have to stay updated by evidently sourcing information that will not only be useful to you,but can also be useful to others.

 Because you are not yet successful until your success is a blessing to others.

    As a writer,marketer,Entrepreneur or whatever you are interested in going into,this applies to you.

   Even as a business person owning your small scale business,it is useful that you stay updated. One of my first rules i apply as regards to sourcing information are:

  • Be sure of what information you are in need of.
  • ensure that the information available is helpful for your objectives and pursuit
  • make sure that information sourced for are simple and easily applicable  

           This guides listed above will help you in selecting relevant information important for your progress in attaining great heights in success!! 

        Another important way in staying updated is by subscribing to newsletter of other in the same niche as you.

   Well this matter of subscription to newsletters cannot be left out, since i have benefited a lot from this.

 Initially,in my journey as a blogger ,newsletters i received regularly from mentors which i subscribed to was of great help.

     This is because several things which i struggled with,was made easier simply by reading newsletters.

   But remember you have to subscribe to people in the same niche as you.And not all newsletters available must have you subscribing.

      A passionate news site would be perfect for you!!!. 

    Many people just need you to subscribe to their sites newsletters ,not because they are concerned about your progress in mind,but because they are rather concerned with getting their subscribers to visit their sites or signup for something in order for them to earn. 

     So if you want to subscribe to any newsletter related to your niche be sure that the writer is a passionate one. you know this by weighing  the amount of sincerity and value of the contents in a particular write-ups.

     Meanwhile if you are interested in knowing more on;

 [Tips for knowing the right newsletters to subscribe to

     Or you need guides in learning some [secrets to being successful]

 click subscribe and we promise that you will receive substantial information that you need to help you attain success.

   Procrastination is major problem millions of people face and are still struggling.well to me i would say procrastination as the brother to laziness.

    For you stay consistent you have to get rid of  procrastination . saying you would do this tomorrow or next week means that you might never be able to push through with it at all.

     So it is better avoided. over the years,i have applied some strategies that has helped me manage my my procrastination habits. 

    So i will give you some of those strategies and hopefully if applied correctly will be able to help you out of it to as well.

  In all my years as a blogger i have been able to stay consistent as a result of two things these are:

This is helpful for me because i dont need to have my laptop with me for for me to write my ideas or share my opinions and inspirations. I am also grateful for apps like

              since there existence i could say that they have rather much help me make my work easier.

         it has been much easier for me to reach out to my readers from anywhere just by using my mobile phone or tablet. 

       Evernote helps me to save write-ups am working on and it even allows me to type in new ideas and develop them in matter of minutes. 

     It gets even better and much easier for me to just schedule my posts or writeups for whenever i desire and it reaches my readers promptly without me having to stress myself and hootsuite does that for me perfectly!!!!.

       Well, this is almost similar to my first point above, the difference is that not staying idle can help reignite your passion for success. 

     Like i said earlier,if you want to remain consistent you have to keep searching for ways to make it work. 

     when you work your way out on how you can achieve the given objective,then it is easier to go about carrying out the set objective.

    But when you refuse to consistently stay in tune with your passion you lose your zeal and eventually your focus as well. 

3.) DO IT!.

       This last point is usually to hardest part for many people.

   They find it difficult to go ahead with certain plans,objective and goals that they have in mind to achieve. this time many people give reasons why it wont work out!! 

 In most cases its either that there isn’t enough capital to push through with their plans. most times this may actually be the case,if you find yourself in this situation all you need to do is to redefine your goals.

     what this means is that,if you keep pursuing that you are likely to get frustrated,this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dreams it means that are changing the method of approach by using another goal. 

    This is like hitting two birds with one stone.

  Frustration is common and happens when you find yourself stuck between where you are and achieving your set goal. 

    But remember the first thing you must do is to acquire the necessary knowledge, without that no vision,goal or success is achievable.

    That is why specially wrote this post for people finding it difficult to continue.if you want to learn more and more tips on how success is achievable. click here.

 If you have any idea you think this post is great and have someting  you think is relevant to this post ,comment down below! i want to also know and learn something from you!

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